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What fantasy creature are you?
Let's see if magic rests within you? (e)

1. Where would you live?
In the forest of Rune, where the oldest oaks grow
Underneath the light of the moon, for the rays glow and bring peace to thy world below
Within the dark of the bark, I wish no one to see me unless I choose to be seen
Within the kingdom of Riven, where I shall lead others in the footsteps of the ancient frey
Where ever I go the flowers bloom and the birds sing, I care not of where I live. The woods are home
2. What would your name be?
Lilitha or Lyth
3. Last Question, If you had an animal what would it be?
a doe
The wolf
The nightengale
the birds
4. Okay not last question, thought it would ruin the surprise Anyways if you were a magic creature whom would be your enemy?
The hunters that kill the animals of the forest
The stars for trying to steal the moon`s light
The light for suffocating the darkness
The ones whom do not bow to me
The ones that are willing to do wrong to me
5. If you had a flower made from you what would you call it?
The forest rose
Twlights Bloom
A leaders Lilly
Peace blossoms

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Created on:12/13/2007 11:13:30 AM
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