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What Fantasy Creature Are You  quiz. Okay  so you probably haven t ever wondered this before  but now not find out and take my quiz   D Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What Fantasy Creature Are You?
Okay, so you probably haven't ever wondered this before, but now not find out and take my quiz? :D

1. Sorry, one of the most repeated questions ever, but what`s your favourite colour?
Black, no doubt about it.
Dark red. Like roses... or blood.
Yellow, bright red, orange! Any really happy bright colour.
Brown, hazel, grey. You know, the standard colours.
White, its so pure and calming.
Green, blue, purple. Those type of subtle colours.
2. If you had one wish, what would it be?
To fly!!! That`d be SO cool!! *Starts to flap arms and jumps off chair but crash lands*
Be able to make fire out of thin air... Imagine what I could do! WAHAHA! (Me: Steps away slowly)
Money, defiantly!
Wouldn`t you like to know?
World peace!
To be able to live forever. Immortal in other words.
The power to change into an animal...
3. What`s you`re favourite season?
Autumn, just starts to cool off from summer. :)
Winter, I like the cold.
Spring, almost summer, but not quite so hot.
Summer, most defiantly. I love the heat!
4. A new boy/girl comes to your school, extremely good looking and they like you, what do you do?
Blush whenever he/she looks at you and try to keep yourself hidden, but secretly check her/him out.
Walk right up to them and ask!
Don`t say much to them, but make sure he/she spots you checking them out and then turn away.
Wait until they ask you but keep myself wide open. If they don`t I`ll make him/her. (Me: Okidokie..)
Try to make them jealous by flirting with someone else.
5. What`s your favourite movie genre?
Fantasy. So magical!!
Comedy. Love a great laugh. *Starts cracking up hysterically at a t.v. show*
Horror that with lots of blood and guts.
Thrillers and/or horror. (Me: This means non-gory horror)
Action, got to love a good bit of mindless violence.
Romance. So romantic... (Me: Umm, ain`t that the point?)
6. Someone is being a jerk to one of your really good friends, what do you do?
Yell at `em. Make sure they go deaf from me.
Confront them and make sure they apologize.
Do something without anyone knowing to get them back.
Try and cheer up my friend as best as I can and make sure the jerk goes away.
Don`t say anything, I`d probably just make things worse...
7. What do you think of school? Meaning, is there anything you like about it, or if not what do you go there for?
A really boring place that I have to go to without any choice.
A place full of people I don`t want to be around.
Somewhere to learn new things.
A place to see friends!
You`d like to know, wouldn`t you? (Me: Just tell me already! Grr why did I put this option in?)
Somewhere to argue with teachers. Hehe.
8. I felt like putting in a random question, so which out of these is your favourite key on the keyboard?
~ (Me: This one`s mine! ~~~~~~~~)
... (Me: Silence???)
! (Me: I`m gonna comment here because it looks pretty plain otherwise.)
* (Me: Aww cute.)
? (Me: Huh, were you asking me something?)
$ (Me: Money, money, money, must be funny in a rich man`s world.)
# (Me: Not sure how any of these relate to fantasy creatures, but thought it`d be different.)
() (Me: Whoever chooses this one gets two I suppose.)
A letter.
A number.
9. What`s your fear?
An animal, like a shark, snake, spider, roosterroach, etc. (Me: Doesn`t mean all of them.)
People. *Looks around yourself to make sure you`re still alone*
Blood. It makes me feel faint.
Don`t have one! (Me: Sure, sure) Its true!
Heights! Eep!
Water.. Can`t swim very well...

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