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Which Fantasy Creature Are You  quiz. Does your life involve epic battles  mysterious encounters  and never ending quests  Take this quiz to find out which magical  mystical creature from a fantasy world has taken control of your soul  Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Which Fantasy Creature Are You?
Does your life involve epic battles, mysterious encounters, and never-ending quests? Take this quiz to find out which magical, mystical creature from a fantasy world has taken control of your soul.

1. Friendship can be a magical thing. What are YOU like as a friend?
I hang out with people who are so much like me, it`s weird. It`s like we`re related
I like hanging out with people who are my total opposites
I only have a few friends, but we have a very strong bond
I`m a lovey, huggy, "Let`s share everything!" friend
I don`t give up on people. Even if we fight, I believe we`ll work it out eventually
2. If someone wrote a legend about you, you`d want it to emphasize:
My musical talent
My intelligence
My beauty
My strength
My sweetness
3. Are you better at getting people into trouble or helping them out of it?
Getting people into trouble is much more fun
I sometimes get people into trouble, but only if I think they deserve it
I do both. I like adventure, but if I don`t like where things are headed, I`ll warn everyone
It depends on my mood
I`m not always great at preventing trouble, but I`m good at helping people recover from it
4. In the middle of one of your mythical adventures, you come across the entrance to an ancient labyrinth. You`re most likely to wander in if:
Something in there smells like warm cinnamon
Your best friends are like, "What, are you scared? GO IN!"
You`re in the mood for something exciting to happen
Your favorite swimsuit designer is having a sample sale in there
Your looking for a new place to live, far from my annoying neighbors
5. Choose a moment that might feel spiritual to you:
Watching a band of wild horses running across the prairie
Sharing eye contact with a band member during a live show
Hearing that someone you`ve hurt has decided to give you a second chance
Looking at underwater photos where your hair defies gravity
Realizing that I trust someone completely. Like, with your life
6. Will you rate and comment?(No effect on quiz)
No :(

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