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What fantasy class are you  quiz. are you a warrior  druid  black mage  white mage  pallidin  or rouge    e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What fantasy class are you?
are you a warrior, druid, black mage, white mage, pallidin, or rouge? (e)

1. You are in a bar and two men start arguing. One man stabs the other, than flees the scene. You...
Grab your weapon and look around to make sure there is no more danger.
Try to reach the wounded man and do your best to heal him.
Try to reach the wounded man and do your best to steal his gold.
Rush after the evildoer, knocking anything in your path aside until you bring him to justice!
2. You must enter an enimy stronghold, to accomplish this you...
Use a magical steed and try to charge through the front gates.
find a map of the building and secure the best route in, then use the shadows to sneak in.
Stoll in the front killing everything that moves, and crushing any barriers in your way!
Use the natural layout of the land to find the easiest and possibly secret route into the building.
Dress as one of the guards and try to bluff your way inside.
3. Your lover is slain by an evil worlord, you...
Hunt them to the ends of the earth and reign death upon them!
Attend the buirial giving your blessings and realize just how presious those around you are.
Enlist a team of mercinaries to assist you in finding and slaying the worlord.
4. When entering an unknown town your first action is to...
Search out the local wildlife and get them to assist you in your journey.
Stroll into the town confidently and demand to know there the closest pub is.
Find the closest healer`s shop and trade secrets and see if there is anything you can help with.
wait until nightfall, using the shadows to hide your entrance, then secretly listen to the locals.
5. A young red dragon stands in your path, you...
Pull your weapon and charge at the vile creature!
Use your natural talents to battle fire for fire against it.
Flee back the way you came, seeing no reason to fight.
Speak with it and try to determine weither the dragon is good or evil.
Try to associate with the dragon and if at all possible befrind it.
Try to sneak past it and claim some of it`s fabled dragon gold. After all that`s why your here.

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