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Could you be famous some day?
The questions isn't what you want to be. It's if you could be famous doing it!

1. Are you Completely Sure of what you want to be?
Not really. There`s other things I want; but this is what I want most.
I look at it as a hobby. But hey, if it could make me famous then why not?
There`s nothing else I`d rather do!
2. Have you already started with your dream?
No, I`m waiting until someone finds me.
Yeah, kind of. I want to wait until I get older to really get into it though.
Yeah, I`ve taken classes and have been doing things around it to keep my talent sharp.
3. Are you embarrassed of your talent?
Not embarrassed, but I AM afraid of what my friends might think of me.
No, not really. If it`s what I love, why not?
Yeah, a little. I don`t want other people to judge me about it.
4. Would anything stand between you and your dream?
Maybe, if I couldn`t afford classes or something went wrong in my family.
No, I don`t think I`d give up under any circumstances.
Well of course... I mean what if my family didn`t want me to?
5. Does "One in a Million" make you nervous?
There`s always a possibility that someone else is better, but I think I have what it takes.
Of course it does, but I try not to think about it a lot.
Yes, as in hundreds of thousands of other people tried out for that same one part that I did.
6. Do you think you can handle any criticism thrown at you?
I don`t like getting insulted harshely, but I wouldn`t let them see me cry.
That one of the things that are holding me back.
If I practice at criticism, I think I`ll be able to handle it fine.
7. How much hope do you have in yourself?
I`m still going to college, because as said, there`s only a one in a million chance.
I have lots of hope. I`ll get famous or die trying.
I do have hope, but it`s not my first priority.
8. What would you do if you were rejected numerous times?
I would give up eventually. If so many people rejected me, then it`s probably going to happen again.
I would start losing faith in that career path.
I would try until I got accepted.
9. Why is this your dream?
I want to be noticed.
I want to be rich.
I want to do what I love.

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