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Are you famous?
Well, are you?

1. What is your fav. color?
Black, totally! I goes wif EVERYTING!
Gold, cause it reminds you of everything you own. >:)
likes all colors cause if i don`t they will conspiritize against me... *Glances around nervously*
I like white and black
2. Have you ever lied?
Only about my age...
Iv`e only lied once, but it was for a good cause.
You: Lots of times Me: Why? You: Cause I can >:)
Only for the press...
3. If you see a bird, what do you think?
I gotta draw that!!! *Rushes for paper and pencil*
What a beautiful example of areodynamics! (I know I spelled that wrong)
Release a dog and see what happens...
Think "Ooh I made a movie with a bird in it once..."
4. What is your favorite animal?
A dog, totally
A mouse
I money an animal?
Kittehz rool!!!
A wolf
5. Which describes your best friend the best?
I don`t have one yet...
I take pictures with them and goof around.
I`ve only seen photos of them, but we talk often.
Sweet and kind
6. Which sounds the best?
A big ol` stack `o` moolah
A sword
A high tech compootr
A heart, for you are kind to all! :)
7. Which sounds the WORST?
Someone taking your Emmy award away
Being tied down and having a million of your worst enemies attack you and your defenceless friends
A virus infecting your computer
A harsh comment on your quiz
Someone cruelly insulting your best friend/crush (It happened to me!) :(
8. How smart do you think you are?
Pretty smart. But emphasis on Pretty. (Dumb blonde :P)
I am quite smart.
I am not extremely smart but make up for it by being incredibly nice to all.
I am the smartest quizmaker in the WOOORLD!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!! Me: o.0
9. Which emotion are you, generally?
Happy and peppy
10. Last one: will you rate or comment on this?
Yeah, both
Neither! I`m too important.
Just comment
Just rate

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Created on:10/23/2010 9:55:36 PM
Made by:KressLuv

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