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Which famous 5 elements are you?(aded 1 more element)

1. Qualities?
cool,open to speak
2. -adjusts glasses-.......-snickers-
are you mocking me!?
excuse me?
-looks up-is there a problem?
you think you so funny?! -screams-
3. 5 cards on the table. One has a pic of a fire,another water,earth,wind,electricity. Choose
definately fire,it fits me and my power well
water,its a steady and patient stream
Earth,seems natural,really kind of interesting
Wind,i love the way it feels when it blows againsts my hair-um, er i mean,its a cool breeze
electricity,it crackles with intensity and energy
4. Someone jumps in front og you and attempts to strangle you! What do you do?
You wanna rumble? Let`s see what you got!!!
uh,lets be reasonable here.......-starts to sweat-
trying to strangle me? let`s see.......
I can keep my cool. -walk around person-
-tarzan scream- HIYAAAAAAA!! -karate chop-
ah,oh no o.o
5. Gotcha. It was a trick. You were being filmed on TV! How do you fell or react?
gggggrrrrrrrrr..........why i otta.....
-face turns red of embarissment-
i know.i saw the camera lens in the tree
huh? .........wat ev
WHAT!? oh.sorry,but im not paying for the broken arm and the damge........hehehe..
oh wow! im on TV! hi mom!
6. What does this mean to you? -puts up 2 pinky fingers-
two opponets engaging in combat
a sign to think
two pinkys,what else?
ahha! its a monkey! =P
7. aawwwwww.......its a chick
who cares? just a worthless scum
its so cute<3
hmm....... -examines chick-
cool,a chick
WOO! we will be such best friends! we will make pie! O_O
a normal chick
8. AHHHHH! bad chick! bad chick! -runs from killer chick-
O.O i told you that chick was trouble!
nice chicky..........
oh dear......
ill offer you some seeds if you promise not to kill me!
AH! -runs and trips- ahhhhhhhh!it`s pecking my eyes!
ill kill you chick!
9. wow,that was painful......it even attacked me........XD
i`ll say,your the 1 doing this quiz
Yes it was very painful T.T
10. last question, pick a gem
11. fooled you,there are more questions,but not much.How You feelin`?
angry >=(
im ok
-yawn- sleepy
12. say you were on a patrol mission,you spotted a shark.What do you do?
kill it kill it!!!
ill give it some meat
i will examine the way this creature acts
woo! a shark! -jumps on top of shark- WOO! ride `em horsie!
ignore it
13. -Is washing dishes- huh?-looks up- hey! this is my private time! come here some other time!
i can here whenever i please
sorry to disturb you....
may i watch you wash the dishes?
uh,ok. I`ll be going now
ah,no fair! I wanna wash the dishes too!
14. for real,this is the last question.I--AHH! AH!
what what!?!?!
uh.....is there something wrong?
AAHHH! tell me wht it is!!!
15. Oww.......the dam bug bit me........
thats it?
oh.....What kind of bug is it?
ah,not again......
OH! a bug!!! you scared me because of a bug!?
16. sorry,this time its the last question. Will you comment or rate this quiz?(will not effect outcome)
bubblegum(i have no idea why I put this option here.....)

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