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What fallout character are you?
Discover what person/creature you are in fallout?

1. You are very thirsty and the only near by water is radioactive what do you do?
Drink it
Walk away
Use radaway to purify it
2. You stumble upon a group of raiders and they do not know about your presence. What do you do?
Go back
Run at them guns blazing
Use stealth boy to plant a live grenade in all their pockets
Pick them off with a type of rifle
Join them
Sell them junk
Bring the hammer down with rockets and flamethrowers
Kill them and eat them
3. Are you good, bad or somewhere in between?
4. What do you prefer in a fight?
My fist
Energy Weapons
Heavy Weapons
5. What do you eat?
Anything thats not over 200 years old!
Something I just killed
Only things that are cooked and won`t make me sick
6. How do you get things you want?
Pay for them
Go find them
7. What do you do if you grow a third arm?
Study it
Remove it surgically
Bullet to the brain
Do nothing
8. What do you do if you are robbed?
Kill them
Get the Sheriff
Steal it back
Get your property back and then torture the thief
9. You find a cache of chems and alcohol what do you do with it?
Use them
Sell them
Ignore them
Destroy them
10. What do you do in your spare time?
Drink and use chems
Be a productive member of society
Kill everything thats different
Sit and do nothing
Burn the town
make weapons
Save the Wasteland
Be a Jerk


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