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Who Would You Fall For? Vampire, Werewolf, Demon or Angel? 2
Part 2 of the story-based quizzes where you can find out who you'd fall for! *New Anime Pics!* Haven't done the first one yet? Check out my account!

1. Okay so we`ll be picking up where we left off. Craig was eyeing the other very cute boys, suspiciously and they told him how `it`d been a close call.` You excited to start?
OMG YES YES YES YES!!!!!! Please begin!!! (Me: XD)
Umm... yeah, okay, whenever you`re ready.
Yes already! Now hurry up or you`ll be sorry... (Me: *Hurries to type next option*)
Of course I`m ready! You write great quizzes! (Me: Aww, thanks!) :)
2. "I can take care of her, you don`t need to be here," Craig repeated, frowning. "I don`t think so," the blonde boy took a step towards Craig and pointed a finger at him. "You listen here, that Shadow was way too close to-" Suddenly you cut in...
"Hello?? Stop talking about me like I`m not standing right here!"
"Someone better tell me what this is about or you`ll ALL be sorry!"
"Umm... What`s happening?"
*Silence* (Me: *Ahem* I said you cut in...) ..... (Me: FIne you don`t cut in)
"Excuse me? I was wondering what you guys were talking about?" *Smiles*
3. However you said what was going on, you said it and the four boys all looked at you. "Well?" you asked again and noticed the boy with the dark brown hair coming over to you. He put his hand on your shoulder sympathetically and tried to pull a smile..
Please keep your hand there! *Crosses fingers*
WAH!! Sorry, still a little jumpy from earlier on. *Laughs*
You don`t need to look at me like that! I can handle this... whatever this is?...
When are we going to finally learn these people`s names? I mean I don`t even know who`s touching me!
Umm... hi?
I`m totally confused. Why is he looking at me like that?
4. "You should know that everything you ever believed in is a lie," the blonde boy said and the brown haired boy looked at him, frowning. "I was thinking of telling her a little more suttle like!" he exclaimed, taking his hand off your shoulder.
Just click `ere, I still need room to type! Won`t change your result!
Or here. Won`t make a difference!
5. "We shouldn`t have to tell her at all!" Craig exclaimed. "She has to know now, its about to happen soon," the brown haired boy insisted. What are you thinking?
Umm... why hasn`t the black haired one said anything yet? *Eyes him*
YEAH! Go, Craig stand up for me! Although I`m not sure how he is standing up for me...
The brown haired one seems really nice. :)
*Looks at other answers* Does anyone else realise they are hiding something from us? I wanna KNOW!
6. Suddenly your attention goes to Craig as you see he seems to be looking like he`s... in pain. New beads of sweat are running down his temples and he is gritting his teeth. Then everything that happened next seemed to go really quickly.
You know the routine, just click on of them!
*Read above*
7. His body deformed and his clothes ripped then standing before you was a wolf... at least you thought that`s what it was because it was HUGE. It snapped at the other boys who grabbed it and all struggled to hold it down.
AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH!! A wolf just ate Craig!!! *Tries to look down wolf`s mouth* Hello? Craig?
WTH? *Pinches self to check if dreaming*
*Starts running frantically in circles* (Me: Right.. that ain`t gonna do much)
Oh, my, god! I`ve got to help them! *Starts to help holding it down*
Pfft, amateurs. *Rolls up sleeves and gets ready to give the wolf a good beating*
8. Suddenly the wolf calms down and, without warning, you see its shape quickly deform and Craig is lying there, naked. One of the boys wraps their jacket around him and they all look at you, worried.
Ahhh.... Did I really just see that?
Why are you all looking at ME!? I`m not the one who just turned into a WOLF!
Wait... hold up did I just imagine you saying Craig was naked!? *Starts trying to get a good look*
Someone is going to explain what just happened, RIGHT NOW!
Is everyone okay!?
9. "I guess we`ll have to tell you now," the dark haired boy spoke for the first time. "My name is Dane. I`m a vampire." There was a pause for a moment before the blonde haired boy spoke. "`I`m Kyle and I`m a demon."
Click me!
No, me!
10. Okay, really quick question! At the moment, who do you have your eye on?
Dane! Really mysterious and has said the least.
Craig! He`s my best friend and he just turned into a wolf! At least I think that`s the only reason..
Nick, definitely! He seems so nice!
Kyle, he seems to tell it how it is!
Umm... no one! They`re all acting like freaks!
11. "My name is Nick and I`m an angel." the brown haired boy said. "I`m a werewolf," Craig said after a moment`s hesitation and you look at him, desperate for him to tell you that this was all a big joke.
Okay, maybe you guys should take a trip to the mental hospital...
Oh, umm, well, that wasn`t what I was expecting... You sure about that?
*Stares at them like they`re crazy*
Well I did just see Craig turn into a wolf...
*Starts to laugh hysterically then notices they are all still serious*
You expect me to believe THAT!
12. "When I first met you when we were 13, it wasn`t an accident, I was sent here to watch over you," Craig explained, still on the ground. "You expect me to believe you?" you questioned when suddenly...
Clicky, clicky!
Sorry about how many of these there are!
13. You saw Dane`s eyes turn as red as blood before your very eyes, wings sprouted from both Nick`s and Kyle`s backs; Nick`s being white and feathery, and Kyle`s like stiff bat wings.
Right... maybe you were telling the truth after all. *Stares at all boys in shock.*
Wow, that`s actually pretty cool!
How cute are Nick`s wings!!! Their fluffy!!
These guys better get back now! Whatever they plan to do I`m not letting `em!
Oooo! I like bats! *Looks at Kyle`s wings*
Wow so I wasn`t imagining it when Craig turned into a... wolf?
Awesome a vampire... wonder if I`ll be the next Bella?
14. "Okay, I think I believe you now," you say. "Now please explain to me what`s going on!"... Okay this is a lotta questions, so that`s the end of part 2! Will you be taking the next one?
You bet ya! (Me: :D)
Of course! And I`ll rate you and comment! (Me: WOOHOO!)
Okay. (Me: Don`t say much, do you?)

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