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What Fairy Tribe Are You From?
Im writing a new story.... which tribe of fairys are you from?

1. What do you do for fun?
play with the animals
2. What do you do for work???
Swim and help people when they need it
Not much..... sit around and choose what to do help balance the world our
build houses out of natural resorces that arent to big for my little arms
not much but bloom plants is spring
3. What color is your hair?
red or pink
white or midnight blue
blue, white, or black
brown or blonde
white, black, purple, blue, grey
4. How tall are you
tiny so i can sit under flowers
super big, i sit in the sky in clouds
medium, normal
small in a cute way
really really small so i can hide and kill.... i am not afraid
5. Where do you live???
Under a tulip
On a cloud
On water
Under some leaves with,a squirls
I dont
6. What do your wings look like?
Medium size, pink, straight
big, golden, glittery
medium, see through, skinny so it barely matters if they get wet
short, stubby, fat, clear, adorable
my size, medium width, cracked or broken
7. What do look like??????
little and sweet
poweeful, beautiful,graceful
graceful, cute, pail, wet
adorable, short, tiny, got a tail
pail, fangs, small, scary
8. What do you want to do in the future?????
make the worlds biggest garden
make world peace
stop the mortals pain
save the animals
9. goodbye
see you tomorrow
okay, goodbye
bye,bye,peace,love,happiness, have a good day, see ya, nice to meet you

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Created on:2/6/2012 8:15:37 AM
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