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What Fairy Are You?
find out what kind of fairy you are.

1. Your Science teacher just gave you a report that`s due in a month and a week. Do you start the project right away?
Well, I start to plan out where I want what
Yeah, I find a partner right away and make them start "our" work right away
Nah, I have over a month. What is the rush?
Yes I work really slowly sometimes. The sooner I finish the better
Hmm...I can`t decide
2. Evil or Good?
The Evil Side...I work for my ruler like I`m supposed to
The Good Side...I`m the leader of all light and majestic
Umm...I`m caught between the two
I`m the ruler of the Evil Side. It`s so dark and in your face
I help the Good Side
3. What`s your best feature? (personality)
My ability to predict everything before they happen
My patience and harmony
My energy
My ability to bring light even in the darkest times
My sense of humor
4. What`s your best feature? (looks)
My fragile arms and legs
My perfect nose
My deep eyes
Everything...I`m so gorgeous (and that`s the truth)
My shiny, shimmering hair
5. What`s your worst trait? (personality)
I`m super hot tempered
I trust a little too easily
I act before I think
I can`t make up my mind
Sometimes...just sometimes I take advantage of people
6. In reality...What is your worst nightmare?
I`m forced to pick between my friends and family
All the world`s creatures and plantsd died
Someone was able to destroy my hardest work
I became a leader...but DIDN`T know how to run things
Everyone knew my deepest secret and used it against me
7. I think you are stupid for taking this quiz.
Well everyone makes mistakes
I`ll get someone to mess you up
I"LL KILL YOU!!! (me: geez)
What`s wrong with you?
How dare you insult me! You`re gonna pay.
8. Sorry, but *gulp* what`s your fav color combination? (out of these)
dark and light blue
yellow and dark blue
green, blue, brown, and other earthly colors
orange, red, and black
lime green and dark purple
none of these! (doesn`t affect)
9. Hope you liked the quiz. Rate and comment? (doesnt affect)

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Times Taken:3,503
Created on:7/7/2008 12:42:52 PM
Made by:24goddessgrl

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