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What Type of Fairy are you?
Find out what seasonal/elemantal fairy you are here!!

1. What weather do you dislike?
Thunder Storms
Sunny and Bright
2. Which do you like better...
3. You see your arch rival, do you...
A: Pick a fight
B: Stick out you toung when s/he not looking
C: Ignore and walk pass
D: Give him/her the "evil eye" or "death glare"
4. Your rival give a love potion to the one you love, and he "falls" for her, what do you do?
Make him/her fall for you
Cry till you no more tears appear
Fight for her to break the spell
5. A simple walk in the park turns into a mager strom, what happens next?
Wait for someone with an umbrella
Stand there untill it passes over (you love the rain)
Run home as fast as you can
6. Your rival pushed you into the river for flirting with a guy, what are your actions?
Splash and show you really don`t care
pull him/her in with you
Stand there stunned
Cry and wait for him/her to take pity on you
7. Your no good with love, and your crush likes someone else, how would you get him back...
try to attract him with your looks
Give up on him/her
Try to get to know him more first

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Created on:4/29/2008 6:58:27 PM
Made by:nejiino4ever

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