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Are you evil?
Have you ever wondered if your evil? take this quiz to find out! (e)

1. So, your at school in the lunch line and the lunch lady (yes the one with the facial hair) asks if you want corn. You look at it... its appears to be tasteless yellow mush floating in mis-colored water. you don`t want any. What do you say?
You cant hurt her feelings! of course you say yes!
No, thank you.
Um... no.
No.. that`s disgusting!
Do you think i`d actually eat that crap?
Why are you talking to me? I don`t want to eat that yellow sludge you call food.
Of course i would! it looks absolutely delicious, and might i add you look beautiful today?
2. So, apparently she`s a little hard of hearing, she gives you corn anyway . (the corn will not change the price of your lunch) when she gives you your tray you say:
Thank you.
Um.. thanks.
Wow! This stuff looks amazing! Thank you so much! Your the best cook ever!
Um... i didn`t want corn.
What the hell? Is all that hair covering your ears too? I said no corn! (you then throw your tray)
Nothing. You just keep moving in the line.
3. So, You move on down the line to the register and the lady at the register gives you your change and says have a nice weekend! (and its thursday) you say:
Thanks.... you too. and move on.
Your so silly! It`s not Friday! Then playfully laugh.
Um...Its Thursday, but ok
Wow, your pathetic. Obviously you don`t even need a diploma to work in a highschool.
Wow, your pathetic, you dont deserve to live. (then throw nachos at her and laugh)
4. So, after lunch you see a faculty member with a stack of boxes struggling with the courtyard entrance door. You:
Open the door for them, using the court yard is faster than going around anyway, why not help them?
Offer to help carry a box or two. (hey you might get to miss the first couple minutes of history)
Run up and say let me help you! take a box, and give the teacher personal compliments the whole way.
Try to fight the temptation to kick the back of their shin.
Kick them and throw the boxes on the floor. then run an laugh. (you pull a fire alarm on your way)
5. So, your in the mall and the guy infront of you drops his wallet. You:
Tap him on the shoulder: "you dropped your wallet"
Do nothing.
Kick it across the floor and make it go like a hockey puck.
Pick it up say, "Sir you dropped this" Then right when hes about to take it run away with it
Take it. Then kick him and see if his cellphone comes out too
Give it too him and hope for a reward.
Give it to him then give him a big smile and a hug.
6. So, your walkin down the street and you see some punk kid about 14 years old run into an old lady and steal her purse, then run away (you can easily take this kid.) what do you do?
Chase after the little freak and get the ladys purse back!
Hey that looks like fun! Then kick the old lady and run.
Beat the kid up for not causing enough harm to the lady, then steal the purse he stole.
Get the cops
Give the kid an insperational story about how he was wrong (all three of you then have a group hug)
7. So, then you see a bum begging for change you:
Throw some quarters on the ground and laugh as he scrambles for them!
Beat the hell out of him and steal his money cup and sign.. and his clothes too. Then laugh.
Toss a dollar in his cup.
Give him a big hug! let him come live with you! Get him clothes and food and a nice home!
Keep walking
8. So, at the super market a little kid, maybe 4 years old is running around in the parking lot and accidentally makes a cart hit your car. There is no damage, but the alarm goes off. You:
Push the cart as hard as you can into the kid. Strike! Then drive off.
You start plotting a sick and twisted revenge. You now have a vendetta on this kid.
Give them a stern talking too about being more careful.
Yell and swear at them Stupid little brat.
Give them a big hug! It`s OK! Then give them the Twix bar you bought.
Say thats ok, please try to be careful next time.
9. Last question. Was this quiz good?
Yes! I Everything is wonderful! Can i have a hug?
It was pretty good. Nice job!
Yeahi guess i had fun.
Wow, your a loser
I`m gonna come over there and beat you with a crowbar then feed your body to my dog! Then feed the dog to my piranas! Then eat the piranas (without even killing them)

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Created on:11/27/2007 8:42:53 PM
Made by:CaptainPat90

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