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Are you evil?
Are you evil? Find out if the devil awaits.

1. The baby is crying. What will you do?
Throw your shoes at it.
Cradle it and settle it down.
Tell it to be quite
2. Someone needs help. What will you do?
Tell him to suck it up and do it for himself.
Help him with what he needs.
Help him a little bit and then tell him to do the rest alone.
3. You have a million dollars. What will you do?
Spend it on yourself. No one else
Give it to charity. They need it more.
Split it
4. You went to your friends house to play a game. Turns out he dosent have it. What will you do?
Yell at him and punch him in the gut.
Tell him it`s alright and play something else with him
Yell at him a little then say sorry.
5. Hello
Shut up!
Hello there :)
I don`t have the time but hello...
6. Last question.
7. What`s the best number here? (Affects the score!)

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Created on:5/23/2015 11:14:08 AM
Made by:lollove

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