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What type of evil are you?
find out how evil you are.

1. someone in school picks on you. What do you do?
ignore him/her.
tell him/her to f**** off.
give him/her a warning punch
brake his/her nose.
brake his/her arm.
knife him/her to death.
kill him/her with you`re fists and stick her head on a pike
2. how many friends you got?
lots and lots of friends!!
5-6 friends
6-4 friends
5-4 friends
4-3 friends
3-2 friends
2-1 friends
1 friend
I am my own companion. But my time will come
3. how is your humour?
light, bubbly, full of innocence.
bad, depressing
sad, a little bit of anger.
evil, full of anger
my temper is none existent for there is only loneliness.
4. a guy/girl invites you over. What do you think?
cool. I`ll have a another friend!
hehe, maybe I can do him/her
decline the invitation.
decline the invitation and hit him/her.
shy away from him/her
5. a person gets murdered on you`re street. What is you`re reaction?
shocked, sad.
at least it wasn`t me!
kill the murderer.
blow his house up.
talk to his gost.
6. before the last question, will you rate or comment? (will not effect score)
7. the world is ending. What is you`re reaction?
I`ve had a good life
drop on you`re knees and pray
kill yourself
laugh so loudly that everyone can hear.
I`m the one causing it

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Created on:10/6/2009 12:21:44 PM
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