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Are you a evil anime or good?
yes i am!!! (evil)

1. would u save a baby from falling??
hell ya poor thing.....
no just leave it i want to hear it scream
oh no let me save it i would risk my life for that cute baby
idk i want to leave it but i want to save it!!
just close ur ears and sit a watch crying like it ur falt
2. would u kill someone who called u a dork?
yes rip there heart out!!
no i would just walk away.....
umm hit him then run away like i dident do any thing
3. would u save a girl from geting killed?
yes i would
i would do any thing just to save her
i would be the one killing her
just sit and smile while watching
4. what do u do?
im a school teacher
I murderer
i draw manga!!! with blood ink
5. do u like kids?
no i hate them
i eat them why?
they suck!!!!!
yes i love kids

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Times Taken:4,735
Created on:2/14/2008 7:01:40 PM
Made by:deathblood

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