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Enjoy manga/anime.
Hey enjoy these pictures and then say what you think about them and then get your result!(e)

1. So look at this picture.
It needs to zoom up on her face more.
She has pretty hair.
I think the background is very nice.
I love her totally cool outfit.
Her wings are cool.
What is that?
2. Now look at this picture!
Aw how sweet I think they`re in love!
That`s a pretty sunset.
I want to go there right now!
I think they`re ugly.
Those two have cool fashion.
Her hair is too short.
3. OK now look at this!
Darnet I can`t even see his eyes!
He looks sad :(
It`s all black and white.
Why is he all alone?
This is an awesome picture!
I like his hair.
4. This is the next picture...
Ooh... it`s a mermaid...
That`s a pretty blue color.
What do those words say?
I like her long pretty hair!
Her eyes are cool.
It needs more variety with the color.
5. Here`s another picture.
Uhh... too much brown.
Why is she staring at me?
Not as cool as the other pictures.
I like this picture.
What do those words at the bottom say?
Big eyes...
6. OK your close to the end now. Just look at this picture.
Too many flowers.
Lots of coolio flowers!
She looks weird...
Why is the sky all orangish-yellow?
Is she gonna sit there all day?
Neat picture.
7. Alright now look at another picture... again...
Pretty sky.
Is that a shark in the background?
Her hair is too short.
Is she gonna be in that boat all day?
I like her outfit.
Thank god this is the last question!

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Created on:3/2/2008 8:18:31 PM
Made by:indigo_aura

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