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the end, of everything
you have to survive the apocolyps

1. you encounter bullys bullying your friend
beat them up
tell them to stop
2. the guards question you
3. the guards leave the room
run back to your quarters
run to your bestfriends quarters
4. 5 months later: the bullys corner you but this time they are armed
unarm and run
unarm and exterminate
threaten to call the guards
5. the guards kick you out you must survive on your own.
find shelter
find food
find weapons
6. three men approach you with an offer of supplies for free but theres a catch you must win in a fight
7. you`ve got your supplies you have one revolver with six rounds and a tiny ration of food. you go to a near by village to see if you can get supplies from the chief, you enter the chiefs office but he will not give you supplies.
kill him ``gun``
kill him ``knife``
tie him up
8. its gonna be hard geting out now they heard his yell there are 3 guards waiting in front and 2 in the back waiting to kill you.
exit the back and shoot the two guards
bust out the front and shoot the three guards
9. you run back to a near by town to use the 10 bottles liquar and 4 twinkies to rent a home for a few days you look in your bag and take inventory you now go trade your revolver for 400$ a thief in a ally robs you
run (takes money)
give money
10. you go to the near by store and you see a free flare and you take it. the man behind the counter says go talk to the man in the east corner ally. but watch out for thiefs
"go to ally"
"go to ally"
11. you soon arive at the ally, the a man is standing in a dark corner with a glowing red mask visor the man says that flare can get you out of here... if you get me 209$ 3 bottles of liquor and a laser rifle
12. the man quickly says ok! fine.. no laser rifle but you have to kill a thief with this... he pulls out a enchanted looking weapon. the man says its a prototype laser pistole for every kill you get it basicaly upgrades the power of it...
say: amazing
say: alright ill go get the stuff
say: shut up and ill go get the stuff
13. you go to a casino in the town you spot somone that looks wealthy enough to get the stuff you need you follow the man to his home and sneak in through a window
say: die you rich scum! "shoot him with pistol"
take the pistol and shoot him.
14. you easly got 400$. you think to your self i might be able to buy the liquor.. you head to the bar to buy 3 bottles it will cost you exactly 245$
15. you go back to the man and give him the items and he says: look there is a catch there is a chance that raiders will come instead of the army.
say:i will take that chance to get out of this hell hole
say:whatever its well worth the risk
16. ok you will need to go a long distance to reach the spot about 20miles from here
say: alright here i come
say: got it
say: ok... risky
17. on your long journy you get to the spot with several interuptions but there are 4 armed guards guarding the mountain. you feel a ruber barrel touch the back of your head. a soft girl voice says: i will take them out if you take me with you
take girl with you `she kills guards`
try to sneak around.
18. you run up the hill once you reach the spot you light the flare and wait.
*lay down*

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