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What Emotion Is In Your Eyes?

1. You and your friends are at the movies when someone bumps into you. You?
Push them and say,"Watch it, b!tch."
Smile and say "I`m sorry,"
Just let them go.
Let him/her say sorry and you say with glistening eyes,"Don`t worry about it."
2. You find a wallet on the ground. You see no one whos looking for it. You?
Look around and find the person who`s looking for it
Just look at it, then walk away.
Step on it. It really means nothing to you.
What wallet? Everything`s a blur with water in your eyes.
Take it. Hehehe..
3. Your friends said they want to go to the mall. They want you to come along. Your response?
"Sure! I`d love to!"
"Yeah, I guess. I mean, I have nothing else to do."
"I can`t. I`m not friends with one of the people your bringing."
"Will he/she be their? Well, are they?!?!"
4. It`s Halloween and your crush is throwing a party. You have to wear costumes. Your costume is-
Something bright and colorful. (hippie, clown, rainbow, bag of skittles)
Something that will catch his/her eye (hot oufit)
A simple mask. I`m just here to do something rather than nothing.
Something dark to show my true feelings inside. (grim reeper, grudge, jeepers creepers)
5. You`re at prom and you don`t have a date. You think oh well. But you can`t really hide it. To try to forget about, you?
Dance it out!
Find someone to hang with
Prom? Not my thing.
Cry in a corner and hurt myself.
6. You asked your crush if they liked to go out sometime. They reject you. You?
Walk away and cry.
Say,"Ok," with a smile.
Go punch something.
Ask them? I wait for them to ask me.
7. You are on a date with a guy when your ex-crush texts you. He/She said,"I love you, I always have. I was scared to tell you. Will you be mine?" You?
Reply,"I`m sorry, but I found someone else. I hope we can still be friends. :)"
Reply,"Yes! I love you too! <3" Then tell your date,"See ya, biotch!"
Reply,"Watever! You shouldve told me in the first place before I went on a date with another guy!!"
Don`t reply.
8. What do you think of dancing?
So romantic!!!
Brings the beat up!!!
Its annoying.
9. I asked you to rate and comment. You? *will not effect score*
Do both.

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