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What Emotion Do Your Eyes Hold?
not sure what to do...GAH!

1. You get into a fight with your best friend...you?
Try to make it better with jokes and a hug
Let it go...you don`t need them anyways
Give it time...maybe they will get over it...
Beat them up! that`s how a real man/woman argues
Depends on how much their friendship is worth to me...
2. You`re walking in a forest at night...suddenly, you hear a branch crack to your right...you?
go check! it could be someone friendly
probably someone/thing to kill me...I don`t care...
Hope it`s just the wind and keep going
Turn and charge into the trees! nothing hides from me!
I don`t know...maybe I`ll check...maybe I`ll ignore it...
3. Which setting sounds the best to you?
A meadow on a sunny clear day! How refreshing!
Watching the rain from my window...it looks like it could take away pain...
A sunrise...knowing that a new day is approaching is nice...
The beach, with waves crashing at the shore! look at that brute force!
Depends...sometimes I like being outside, and sometimes inside...
4. A wizard approaches you and asks you to help him fight a dragon...you?
Sure! maybe the dragon is actually friendly!
No thanks...I got enough problems of my own...
I guess...will I get rewarded?
Bring the dragon on! Let`s kill it quick!
Probably not going to go...because of...school...
5. You`re looking at a park scene...the thing that catches your attention is...?
The kids, playing and laughing
The person reading a book under the tree
The old couple, happily feeding the pigeons
The tough bikers riding around the park
Just the natural scenery...the trees, grass, sky...
6. Your best friend murdered someone. The police ask you if you know anything...you?
Take the blame for my friend!
Tell them...who cares? It`s the honest thing...
Don`t tell them, but secretly hope they find out the truth
I`ll defend my friend! Fight to the death to protect them!
Direct the police`s attention elsewhere
7. On an abstract painting, which colour appeals to you most?
Yellow or green...happy and soothing together!
The blue or black...so dark and quiet...
Pink or White...pure, refreshing colours...
The red or orange! bright is the way to go!
Gray or purple...mixed colours...but so pretty...

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