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Are You Emo?
Idk... (e)

1. whats your fav colour? *gets hit in the face by a rock* meh..saw it comin..
Black and Blood Red
I like any dark colour...
2. Do you love the internet?
YES! IM AN INTERNET ADDICT! (dont even ask)
Ya sorta
I only go on neo pets and stuff like that, also for school work...
3. Do you like Three Days Grace, Linkin Park, My Chmical Romance....
Ya sorta
EWW no way
4. Why are you taking this quiz?
No reason, just like everything in life
I like quizez!
I was bored.
5. Do you hate your life?
not really..

About This Quiz
Times Taken:3,162
Created on:11/21/2007 12:43:47 AM
Made by:xXkill-meXx

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