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How emo are you?
I'm bored so I decided to make this quiz.

1. What artists are you most likely to be seen listening to?
Three Days Grace
Jonas Brothers (eww)
Mine is not on here.
2. Do you ever think that suicide is the answer to all your questions?
Sort of... maybe... (sighs) yes.
Once in a blue moon, I have those thoughts.
No, not at all! I`m enjoying life the way it is.
Do I really have to answer this question?
3. Look, guys. This question is annoying as hell, but I had to ask it: What`s your favorite color, out of these?
Black- The color of my soul, the deepness of my thoughts.
Red- The color of blood, the color of the light in my head.
Blue- The color of joy, misery, tension.
Yellow- The color of all things happy and glorious.
4. I think of life as...
A mystery; what`s the point; the meaning?
A puzzle; strange, but fun at the same time.
A gift; life is graceful, like a sunset on the beach.
Stupid, interesting, joyful.
5. How often do you cry?
Almost everyday, I can`t help it, or even know the reason. I`m inside the cage of tears.
The last time I thought of something really depressing that happened to me.
When someone says something so rude that my heart nearly stops.
I only cry when someone really close to me has to leave and go to heaven.
6. Where do you think you will go when you die?
I don`t know. I can be a jerk, but I can be a really thoughtful person.
Heaven - I have picked the right thing everytime I was stuck in a situation.
Hell - I`m a jerk. Sometimes I don`t even know why I say what I say.
7. Rate or/and comment? (no effect)
Ha... sure...
No, who gives a poo about this quiz?

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Created on:10/12/2009 4:10:57 PM
Made by:Gibbus43

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