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How is your soul?
Find out if your soul is empty...

1. When you get grounded, what is your reaction?
You`re mad, but you know what you did was wrong so you take it like a man
You make no signs of anger, just go to your room and cut yourself on the inside thigh
You smile and bounce up to your room, it`s only grounded, right?
2. Which band do you prefer?
Fall Out Boy
Led Zellelin
Brittney Spears
3. About how many times a week would you say you cry?
Everyday, sometimes more than once a day
I never cry, I love life
i cry when I`m sad, however often that is
4. How do you wear your hair?
In a pony tail, curls, something of that nature
Across my face covering up an eye, or over my face covering up boh eyes, something like that
I brush it and make it look nice, which ever way looks good that day
5. When you put pants on, do you have to jump up and down to get them up they are so tight?
Yes, always, that`s how I like them
Maybe not to that extent, but I do wear tight pants
I don`t wear pants, I prefer skirts, and if I did wear pants they would be comfy
6. What do you and your friends talk about?
School/work, gossip, celebs, ect
Death, saddness, Fall out Boy, ect
Farting, fat people, "she looks awful in that outfit", ect
7. What color is your hair?
One solid color like, brown, black, blone, fire crotch, ect
One solid color with highlights
Black, pink, purple, green, ect
8. Do you gell your hair?
No, gell gives me dandruff
I would never gell my curls
I gell it across my face, make big spikes, ect

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Created on:4/6/2007 9:39:02 PM
Made by:Carolynn

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