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What Element are you?
Find out what element fills your heart EARTH WATER FIRE AIR (e)

1. SORRY! what is your favorite color?
blue. or a cute purple
Pink hee hee!
brown, so beautiful
red or a hot pink
sky blue
2. the class is voting on a school fieldtrip, what do you suggest?
the local pool
rock climbing
state forest hike
indian reservation
camp overnight
bonfire party
blimp ride
3. Your dad gives you money to buy a new pair of shoes. what do you get?
those cool new addias shocks!!!
REEBOK SWEETS with sparkles!
boots. for hiking or trudging through big puddles
anything protective, I don`t want my feet to be burned while I sit next fire!
4. YOU have a crush
on the sweet guy that sits near me.
the swim team`s muscle man
the punk who asked me to go to a party with him and his friend
5. Favorite food?
hamburger/vegi burger and root beer
fruit salad with lemonade
penne marinara with water
slim fast and vegetable filled pizza
6. MOVIE TIME! gimme some of that popcorn!
notebook-so passionate
Aquamarine!! yay!
John tucker must die
blair witch project or the village
7. you HATE and DISPISE...?
me (me: =[ )
preps -they`re snobs!
fire and scissors! I don`t want to be hurt
a bucket a water-sooooo scary 4 sum weird reason
I don`t know, sorry
8. Everyone one in your grade suddenly hates you
talk it out with your ex best friend and see why
cry and run away from school
you are seriously TICKED. you smile and laugh at everyone you see. they hate you anyways :]
feel depressed all day and look lonely. the next day you ask your classmates why they`re mad
ignore them. they just are having a bad week
9. GOODBYE! I luv u!
hee hee, I luv you 2!
wtf lol
bye bye. I hope you make another great quiz (me: awww thanx)

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Created on:10/20/2007 8:00:29 PM
Made by:kiwiBABY0

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