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What element are you
Any element

1. You are known as........
A leader
I don`t make any I force them though
The fiery spirit(ongoing)
The amazer
2. Your face looks like..........
A beautiful clean face
Clean because when I fight I am not the one getting thrashed
It has a scar but inside is my only matter
All scars but I`m the one that always gets thrashed
3. Your fave color is.........
Red,Orange,or Scarlett
Blue,Green,or turquoise
Brown,tan,or Yellow
White,Clear,or Light blue
4. Your a wallflower................
No! My friends and I are social butterflies
Yes. I don`t know what partys are
No. I have friends but I would rather invite another friend if not I`ll be on my own.
Yes. Yet I have many friends I go for fun.

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Created on:11/14/2012 1:55:43 PM
Made by:paranormal14

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