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What Element Are You?
Water, Earth, Fire, or Air?

1. What is your favorite quality about yourself?
I can be calm during nerve-racking moments
I never back down no matter how tough a situation gets! I am dedicated!
I am observant and can sense what others are feeling
I am very expressive and can do different varieties of art
I am usually able to see the bright side of things.
My strength! I am really fit.
My connection with animals. They can be lifelong friends.
I am always able to entertain my younger sibling(s) with imaginative games or stories
2. What is your LEAST favorite quality about yourself? (Be Honest!)
Sometimes I don`t understand my friends that well. They seem so tense at times...
My temper! I snap at people for no reason
I like my pet more than my sibling
I am really clumsy and fall down alot
I am really carefree and don`t realize it when other people get annoyed with me
I am a trouble maker who usually is yelled at alot
I get so worked up when people litter. They`re spreading pollution!
I am not a very good listener and often find myself daydreaming
3. What emotion do you usually feel?
Lovable/Like I need a hug
Like I need fresh air/ Nature loving
4. How do you handle an argument?
I try being reasonable and comprimising
I yell and try to get the last word in
I get sensitive and start feeling guilty
I get emotional and cry
5. Do you have many friends?
Yes. We get along well together. Besties!! :)
We have a dramatic group who is always fighting.
Yup! We all share the same interests.
Um...Not really. I tend to keep to myself.
6. What club would you be most likely to join?
Art/Music Club
Nature/Animal Lover Club
Karate/Wrestling Club
Ballet Club
7. What kinds of people do you dislike?
People who argue and refuse any opinion but theirs.
People who are calm and delicate! They are total wimps!
People who litter and/or abuse animals. So uncool!
People who don`t appreciate good artwork.

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