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Which element are you?
Fire, water, air or earth? Which one suits you?

1. At a party, what are you doing?
Gate crashing, why the hell wasn`t I invited??!!
Getting it started. Cranking up the music and showing everyone on the dance floor what I`ve got.
Relaxing at the food table or having an in depth conversation with someone.
Drinking and having conversations with random strangers.
2. What sort of people do you usually hang out with?
The worlds most hated or a reject. Who cares what others think? Everyone deserves a fair chance.
Anyone who wants to talk or party with me, I love everyone!!
Strong willed people. But only so I can make life hard for them.
Lively & entertaining people. There`s nothing worse than being bored!!
3. When in conflict you like to:
Make life hard for everyone. Maybe smashing all the furniture or calling them every name in the book
Keep the argument going, I`ll win it anyway. There`s nothing more exiting than conflict.
Sort things out. Try to remain calm and talk things over. Maybe we can comprimise.
Scream and shout what I`m thinking, I want my oppinion heard, no matter what the price may be.
4. Your ideal partner would be...
Entertaining and fun loving. I want someone who I can party with, live life to it`s fullest!!
A personal slave, I want someone to take my orders!
A loving, trusting, down-to-earth partner who I can be with until the day I die.
Someone who loves me for who I am and doesn`t compare me to others.
5. Why do your enimies hate you?
They think I`m a weirdo and think they have the right to treat me however they like.
I`m a bit to loud and intimidating at times.
Because I`m a bitch to them. I hated them first, Mwahahahaha!!!
Because they don`t agree with my oppinions.
6. Why do your friends love you?
Because I love to party and I`m lots of fun to be around.
Because they love to destroy other peoples lifes with me.
Because I`m independant and have a very unique personality. They find me interesting.
Because I`m a reliable companion and I give great advice. I always stand up for what I believe in.
7. What`s your oppinion on murderers?
I am thinking of becoming one, there`s a lot of people out there that deserve to die. But jail sucks
I don`t think it`s right to kill a person, but they should get a fair trial.
I know what it`s like to go crazy but murderers should all be behind bars. It`s not right to kill.
I admire them, although I would never murder someone. I think they are quite clever. All the planing

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