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Which element is your soul  quiz. From fire and wind to darkness and earth and all the gray area in between  this quiz will identify which element truly rules your soul and your life  Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Which element is your soul?
From fire and wind to darkness and earth and all the gray area in between, this quiz will identify which element truly rules your soul and your life.

1. Just pick a color, it won`t kill you, you know.
Forest green or lavender, even that pretty stormy blue-gray
Silver, gray, black
sky blue, light green, cream, pale rosy pink
deep blue, silvery white, silver
Fiery red, orange, gold, bright vibrant, noticeable colors
2. What is the most beautiful animal in all of the world?
Panther, sleek, mysterious, cunning, clever
Wolf, loyal, true to the core, loving, remarkable energy
Horse, so free, playful, and beautiful
can you say...TIGER? Wonderful attitude, fierce, and daring
whale, cool, calm, laid back, collected, and extremely graceful
lion, proud, true, and bold
fox, sly, intelligent, meeker than a wolf but still gets by easily
3. There is a gorgeous forest in the way of the latest movie theater, shopping mall, dance hall, take your pick. What do you do about it?
Try to find some place else, but if there is no other place, just build it, I`m excited anyways!!
Tear it down in a heartbeat, this small town REALLY needs something for me to do on a Friday nights!
Hey, those trees are right outside my house! Call it off, but only because I don`t wanna move.
Find somewhere else for the establishment, the forest has been there for generations!
Do I have to say anything? Other people know what is best, what should I do about it, anyway?
4. Someone has deeply hurt you, perhaps without knowing it. How do you react?
Let it go, they probably didn`t mean it, I mean who doesn`t love ME?
Confront them about it and ask if they meant what was said.
Get friends just in case, go in for some answers. They have no right and I`ll glady teach them that.
Go off on them and demand an explanation - NOW! I know they did it on purpose, they must pay!!
Forgive them in advance, but act if they do it again.
I`m too scared to do much of anything, just pretend it didn`t happen despite my feelings.
Plan my revenge so they`ll not know it`s me. I won`t take things public, but I will get things done@
5. One of your peers is planning something YOU know about it. It could possibly hurt others, but this person is sooo well known and very popular...
Tell anyway. I know I`m not a snitch and no one`s lives will suffer because of my inability to act.
Pretend you never heard anything. People would hate you if you told and you`re not ready for that.
Counteract it anynomously with something else. They`ll not know it was me and people are still safe.
Tell them off, right then, right now. They have no right and I can tell them that easily.
Subtely remind them what would happen if they go through with this. Persuade them not to to do it!
6. Your greatest ambition?
Live a private life with a few dear ones and keep things simple.
Blow all the others away and have a blast! Fun is important and I will seek adventure!
Find someone who loves me and create a life with them. We can make this work as a team.
Live life to the fullest and never waste a minute. Help others as much as possible.
SUCCEED! Get rich, have a good job, and start a family.
Find myself, where I am supposed to be, and achieve my destiny.
7. You laugh because...
I just thought of something really funny, but no one else will get it. I keep it to myself.
One of my guy friends is hilarious and he`s always making me laugh on bad days.
Someone just fell on their face and now they`re bleeding!! HAHA!
My newest plot has formed and it`s BRILLIANT. I can`t wait to prank my siblings!
The teacher did something really embarrassing and the rest of the class is laughing so I should too.
I dunno. I laugh quite a lot and it could be anything, you know...
8. You live....
In a mansion alongside the ocean. -sigh- It`s so pretty here.
In the middle of a forest with my one love, doing what I love to do because I can.
Middle class life in the city with a roommate. Let`s face it, that`s my future.
Somewhere exotic with a gorgeous view and great food. XD
College dorm room right now. PARTIES EVERY NIGHT!!! I just love my friends.
9. If you could do anything, you would...
Sky-dive or bungee jump! The exhiliration, the THRILL!
End world hunger?? That`s what everyone else says!!
Get better at this social business and see what I can do about my problems.
Figure out who I am and what I am supposed to be doing in life.
Learn many new skills like herb-lore, archery, parkour, or fencing....

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