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Are You Egotistical?
are concieted or not? (e)

1. How long does it take you to get ready before going out?
You barely take anytime... what`s the point anyway?
Long enough to look a little nice but you don`t spend forver.
Longer than anyone else! You have to look great... better than everyone else!
You take a pretty long time but you`re not obssessive about it... you just want to look good.
2. Out of your friends, you`re the one that dates the most?
Yea! Of course!
No, you never date.
A little less than them actually.
We`re all pretty equal
3. Would you say you strut?
No, not at all you don`t like to draw attention to yourself.
You just walk normally for whatever mood you may be in.
Maybe a little spring in the step or swing in the hips, yea.
Why shouldn`t you?! You walk to turn heads... and it works!
4. Do you usually steal the spotlight from those you`re with?
Yea, but you really don`t try to, it just seems to turn to you.
Yes, you look great, tell jokes, act wild! The spotlight adores you!
Well, you like to get in it, naturally, but you share it, not steal.
No, you usually shy away from being the center of attention.
5. Do you flirt and make alot of eye contact?
Yea, you`re always giving people "the look". Everyone`s into you, why ignore that?!
Yea, in moderations though. You know that alot of people are into you so you utilize that.
No, you don`t really flirt at all and you usually avoid eye contact.
6. When at a party, are you hyper?
Oh yea! You`re hyper all the time but at parties you are so crazy and everyone wants to be near you!
Yea, you like to be pretty wild most of the time so people will look your way.
Yes, you can sometimes get into the whole scene and act really wild but it`s not to gain attention.
No, you usually just chat with friends somewhere on the outside of the action.

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