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Which Eevee-lution are you?
All seven of them, plus the adorable Eevee!

1. What emotion best describes you, out of these?
2. The setting that seems best to you is...?
A nice meadow!
A place full of machines!
A volcano!
A lake!
A meditation room!
A dark alley!
A forest!
A place where it always snows!
3. You`re asked to pick an item out of a box. You choose the...?
Blank sheet of paper!
Rare stone!
Deck of cards!
4. You are travelling, when suddenly a dragon attacks you! (It could happen xD) You...?
Try to hide and not be seen!
Attack it qith quick and agile movements!
Attack it full-on, no mercy!
Run away. I`m not fighting a dragon!
Strategically think of how best to avoid/attack it!
Ignore it and continue on your way!
Use surrounding objects to attack it!
Throw a bunny in front of you so the dragon eats it instead!
5. You`re allowed to have any animal you want as a pet. You choose the...?
Cat, simple yet satisfactory!
A hyena, so we could pull jokes and laugh together!
A tiger, so I could scare away all that threaten me!
A dolphin, so we could swim through the ocean together!
A raven, so we could have intelligent conversations with each other.
A wolf, because we both know how it feels to be alone.
A fox, so we could swiftly explore the world together!
A panther, so we could become the hunters, not the hunted.

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Created on:5/13/2012 5:25:52 PM
Made by:Minish_Dream

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