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Eclipse Trivia Quiz quiz. You will be tested on your knollage of Eclipse by Stepenie Myers to see if your a true twilight fan  be sure to comment  good luck Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Eclipse Trivia Quiz
You will be tested on your knollage of Eclipse by Stepenie Myers to see if your a true twilight fan. be sure to comment. good luck.

1. In the beginning, Bella was about to crumble up a peice of paper before Edward stopped her. What was that peice of paper?
News Paper
Collage Application
Job Application
2. In the very beginning, Jacob wrote her a letter, what did it actuley say?
Yea, I miss you too, alot. Doesn`t change anything, Sorry.
We cant be friends when your hanging out with a bunch of reaking blood suckers.
I miss you, if you missed me, then get rid of the parisite.
What part of mortal enemies do you not under stand?
3. How many times did Jacob kiss Bella?
4. Who was Victoria`s accomliss when the Cullens were fighting the newborns?
5. What color were his eys?
A deep Burgendy red
a light butterscotch
a dull crimson
a bright crimson
6. Jacob got cut when he was at Bella`s house, help doing the dishes, what happend?
He squeazed a knife in his hands.
he hit his finger of the point of the blade.
Bella stabbed him.
7. What two deals did Bella make in order for her to merry Edward?
For her to become a vampire and to never be torn away from him again.
She would banish Jacob Black from her life and never see him again.
To become a vampire and for Edward to sleep with her.... :P
8. Who was the "Third Wife" Bella cept on dreaming about?
An Indian Tribe woman who faught with leaders to defend her tribe.
The tribe wife of Taha Aki who killed her self to save her husband and her son.
A visous vampire who earned the nickname who killed many wemon.
none of the above
9. Who was Sam`s grandfather?
Ephruim Black
Levi Ugly
Trever Ugly

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