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How dumb are you?
Let's see..........

1. Someone says `bye` to you, what do you say?
I obviously say `bye` back???
I say, `Hi` Just for the laughs
I say, `BYE friend!!! YAY`
2. You see a pizza on the floor, what do you do?
Pick it up, look at it, and throw it in the toilet
I pick it up, and scream, `HEY I found a triangle!`
Walk over it...?
Look at it, ignore it, that`s it
3. What`s your name?
My name is _______
Ummm, lemme think. Oh yeah, it`s _________
I forgot!!!!!!!!!!!! WAHHHH
4. So it starts to smell bad. What do you do?
Call 911
Ignore it and just go away
Scream for help! AHHHHHHHHH
Hold my nose and keep on talking. (Your voice comes out SO weird!!! LOL)
Admitt it. You say, `I farted. HEHE` Then skip away
5. How do you spell, `crayon?`
6. What do you really want?
Good education
I want... Elmo`s autograph!!!
To be in the Barney show
I dunno
7. Will you comment/rate?
What`s comment mean???

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Times Taken:5,095
Created on:12/12/2011 9:29:06 PM
Made by:I_Waz_Here

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