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idk im bored

1. ok so at my school im in the drama class and back stage there`s a couch..........
i wish there were couches is MY classrooms
2. ok so this couch is the filthiest thing i have ever sat my a*ss on...
eww...u sit on it??? (me: psh! we all do)
that sounds disgusting(me: it is...)
3. like seriously, theres probably like lice and ticks and parasites in that couch...once my teacher even found a RAT in there! !
! ! ! ! ! !
wow...nasty! ! (me: ikr! !!)
4. but what i dont get is why. why has this couch been sitting in the same place. UNMOVED... since the beginning of time??no ones replaced it, everyone knows about it...yet we all still sit on it...some people fall asleep on it! !
wtf??? people sleep on that thing?? (me: apparently)
hmmmm...good question
5. ...and like i sat on it today(as well as 5 other people on the SAME SMALL FILTHY COUCH) and now im all itchy on my back...
uh oh...thats not good! !
just take a shower (me: i know. cause it really aint that serious i just have to wash the germs off)
6. theres even a giant sweat stain on the arm of the couch from god knows what! !
ok now thats REALLY disgusting
nasty as hell
7. so yeah...i just dont understand...infact when i grow up, i think i mite just donate a new couch to my teacher to put back there
aww...that would be nice :)
u should...
8. well...thats it i guess
k bai

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Created on:11/10/2010 6:51:17 PM
Made by:renXamazing

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