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*drool* the stupid quiz *stupid look*

1. you see a half eaten sandwitch so you
walk away
eat it
think about eating it
ignore it completely you only eat blood
2. you cut yourself (accident... or is it?) what do you do?
give it to your vampire lover so they can feed
say "ooo pretty colors"
get a bandade
3. 2+5=
huh... math? i`m not good at math
go ask that vampire over there i`m busy
4. you go for a walk in the
My vampire companion`s graveyard
a toxic waste dump
WTF i just got a virous!
5. your computer gets a virous you
say i don`t need a computer as long as i have my vampire friends!
give it chicken soup
say what the !*#$#
fix it
6. hey look a giant moth is about to eat you!
*screams* where!
my vampire lover will save me!
what? and I`m taking this quiz why?

About This Quiz
Times Taken:2,045
Created on:3/1/2009 3:50:25 PM
Made by:vamp_chick

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