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What Drink Are You?
"Refresh" our memory

1. What time do you wake up in the morning?
As soon as the sun shines. I love mornings.
As soon as my alarm tells me too.
Mornings? who needs them?
I only wake up when i`m wrestled awake. I love sleep.
2. How much do you love junk food!!
I eat all I can, everyday.
I like it in moderation. Well, I LOVE it, but only eat it sometimes.
I only treat myself if I`ve been good all week.
I have it once a month, then exercise like crazy.
Never. I can`t, or I get sick. Like sick with guilt.
3. How often do you jog?
Everyday. I have like 16 jogging outfits.
a couple times a week. Its good for stress.
My dog forces me once a week.
I just go to get away from the family for a while and listen to tunes.
Never. It`s hurts to run.
4. How late do you stay out when you have a night on the town?
I`m back by 10. I wont miss The Office that way.
By about midnight. I still get a good sleep that way. I`m like cinderella.
I leave when the bar closes.
I dont usually get home that night, but I find a cozy place to stay until I feel better.
5. Salads?
Awesome! Keep them coming.
I like them as a side dish.
I love them, with cheese, bacon bits, croutons, ham and a good dressing. and bread.
Is a taco salad still considered a salad?
6. How do you like to camp?
In a tent, with sleeping bags and a fire to cook with and keep warm.
In a tent trailer, off the ground. A camp stove, cozier bed and fewer insects.
In a motorhome. I just want to get there and enjoy myself. No set up, just nature.
A hotel or fancy cabin. I like to pee in comfort.
7. Do you ever over indulge in alcohol?
Any chance i can.
Once a week, for night out with the girls/guys.
On special occasions, or when I`m forced. Peer pressure!
Never. It`s bad for my complexion and makes me pee a lot.
8. What`s your favorite animal?
Dog. Loyal, happy to see you and like when you pick up his poop.
Cat. she likes affection and attention, but is ok going her own way and being alone for a while.
Bird. You can teach him to talk, but only if you want him to.
Fish. They never talk back, and always have kisses for you.
Monkey. Hey..what can I say, Its a monkey!!
9. What`s your favorite star wars episode?
Revenge of the Sith
The Phantom Menace
A New Hope
Attack of the Clones
Return of the Jedi
The Empire Stikes Back
10. Favorite TV show?
The Big Bang Theory
The Office
Family Guy
Spongebob Squarepants
11. Favorite car? Zoooooommmmm.
Ferrari 458
Ford GT
Honda NSX
Toyota 4 Runner
Segway. great on gas.

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