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What drink are you?
Let's find out!

1. How do you like your drink?
Sweet or sour, it depends on my mood
Give me sweet, or nothing at all!
Definitely bitter, or at least very strong. I like REAL drinks!
I like a middle ground.
Either way, it has to be up to my taste.
2. What`s the occasion on which you drink?
Parties! Drinks and parties go hand-in-hand!
To get drunk, or at least a little smashed. Why else would I drink?
Usually just a nightcap of sorts, to relax after work.
I like a drink at dinner, when I`m out! It`s a special treat :-)
I always have a drink when I`m on a date. It just makes the evening more romantic!
3. How would you describe your personality?
Different, for sure.
Very feminine
Let`s just say I`m not exactly refined...
A bit unpredictable, but always pleasant! You just never know what you`re going to get sometimes.
Fun and well-liked!
4. On a date, how do you attract the person you`re with?
Depends on my mood. Maybe I`ll play hard to get, maybe I`ll be coy.
I have quite a few jokes that actually make people laugh. Humor is always a great way to get close!
Confidence and honesty! Who can resist?
I`ll use my assets, if you know what I mean ;-)
I just try to be who I am, and hope they like me!
5. Do you enjoy garnishes on your beverage?
Garnishes are dumb. They get in the way of the good stuff!
Whipped Cream! Yum!
I like a little salt or sugar on the rim.
A small lime or lemon suits me just fine.
Whipped Cream and straw!
6. Do you like lots of different things in your beverage?
Why would I need anything? No, not even a lemon peel for me.
I prefer a more pristine, clear beverage.
Yeah! Chocolate!
No, it would be the ruin of the beverage!
maybe some more cream...?

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