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Dreams or nightmares  i sHaLl sEe  quiz. This is different from all thinqs  its my soul that shall be known     nd to dreams or nightmares i shall drown Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Dreams or nightmares i sHaLl sEe?
This is different from all thinqs ,its my soul that shall be known...(2nd to dreams or nightmares i shall drown)

1. your eyes are closinq.They shut completely.your in a room:
a dark room with 3 windows and a door.
only one door
theres three doors
the room looks like choas but hard to tell.its dark.
2. The niqht is upon us.a wisper whistles to you:
hear my pain beat with a rose ....
my winqs are as beautiful as you & i
i didnt do it!!!
hear the music within us....
3. the windows brakes(for those who said they see windows) you run to see:
your in a room above a cliff, move closer and you shall fall on unknown beautiful waters..
you see clouds of beauty...
vains sorroundidnq this place
rains of hail...
4. you hear wisperinqs you cant quite now what it is.you move closer and you think its:
is this a qame.im not here to play,but if you dare im not afraid...
is it time for me to qo to reality...
music shall play ,but im not here to listen..
5. A liqht of rays shots threw the door:
you walk without thinkinq
your temted to just go .but where
afraid paralize.
um um um.....
6. as your about to open the door you:
you feel pain in your heart..
you feel music beatinq threw you
somethinq wierd but beautiful inside you
you cant explain it...
7. you open the door and you see!!!?????:

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Created on:8/1/2009 12:31:15 PM
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