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DReaMs NiqhTmArEs i SHaLL KnOW ThAt fEeLiNq    quiz. I WiSh tO KnoW Or mAYbE nOT    FiFTh pArT To dReaMs anD NiqHtMaReS Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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DReaMs NiqhTmArEs i SHaLL KnOW ThAt fEeLiNq???
I WiSh tO KnoW Or mAYbE nOT...(FiFTh pArT To dReaMs anD NiqHtMaReS

1. Fallinq asllep to know that feelinq you have towards that someone your wantinq to know do they feel it?all of the sudden you `re :
im with the one i love
im in the clouds
im in a shoot out scene?
im in a livinq room(nice like a mansion)
im in ?idk??
2. i see a trail of:
rose pedals..
blood little drops..
paper trail..
3. rain starts to fall..you look above and in your thoughts you think:
fallinq harshly i need to qo..
amazinq to see that in the middle of no where tears frequently falls..
it doesnt matter the sound is soothinq...
wow obove the clouds obove all this is what it comes too..
4. you close your eyes and the first flash you have is:
a lonely heart..
broken qlass
two hearts
one heart..
5. you feel intence to know what`s qoinq on.you hear somethinq callinq you .sayinq:
tell me..
maybe forever...
i`ve found..
6. your nervous .you want to know the sound.you try to remember what it said and where it came from:
you remember and you fallowed it
you forgot
your paralized
7. you walk towards the sound*it beqqan once more* to see:

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Created on:8/9/2009 4:49:45 PM
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