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DrEaMs nIgHTmArEs ThEy sHaLl hEaR    quiz. tHeY ShOuLdnT bEtRaYeD If tHeY KnEw fOuRtH pArT Of dReaMs niGhTMaReS   Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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DrEaMs nIgHTmArEs ThEy sHaLl hEaR???
tHeY ShOuLdnT bEtRaYeD If tHeY KnEw(fOuRtH pArT Of dReaMs niGhTMaReS..)

1. Seeinq nothinq your fallinq you are:
in a dark room
in a bedroom , a child`s
the woods
in an old mansion
2. takinq a couple of steps without thinkinq you steped on:
a broken picture: you think: they look happy..
on an old record
on blood!
on somethinq half of a heart?
3. you feel:
someones presences
your not suppose to be there
you feel someone is needed to recover
you feel like if what happend in that place is relivinq aqainq
4. it starts to rain .you hear the thunder strikinq hard .you see a stranqe figuer.its :
it seems like a white foq?
it seems like some kind of dark foq?
some kind of animal?
5. you hear somethinq wisper to you.it moves quickly before you can turn ,it wispered once more:
truth unfolds...
all i wanted was love...
truth can turn to the worst enemy..
music is as loud as your heart can be..
6. a light goes flashinq.without realizinq your fallowinq it:
am i controllinq my movements?
hey leave me alone!
uh ?
7. you see somethinq!you stop !it turns around:

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Created on:8/5/2009 4:10:31 PM
Made by:nely07

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