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DrEaMs nIgHtMaReS i sHaLL DrOwN    quiz. ITS dIfFeReNt FrOM All aN ArT tO ThE eYe To mY SoUl  Im Dulce Suenos    Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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DrEaMs nIgHtMaReS i sHaLL DrOwN???
ITS dIfFeReNt FrOM All aN ArT tO ThE eYe To mY SoUl..Im Dulce Suenos....

1. Fallinq fast asleep you seem to be :
under water
frozen lookinq up at the sky
lookinq out a beuatiful balcony
swinqqinq in a swinq
2. You feel somethinq fallinq upon your face:
tears there tears ....
there stars that grant wishes
3. Your sorrounded by beutiful thinqs:
im sorrounded by water
im sorrounded by dark roses
im above im frozen ,sorrounded by skies...
4. A stinq falls upon your heart.you feel weak.all of the sudden you qet a flash of life and finaly you qet the phrase:
Cherish what you qot cuz it might be qone the next day...
life comes and goes so make the best of it...
water can turn into you,tears...
dreams are as close as you can get to reality
fantasies are about nothinq that you cant qet
5. out of the blue all your emotions turns to tears to know:
im fallinq to deaths hands
im becominq somethinq im not
im forqotton
my dreams are like nightmares..wich turns to reality
im swinqinq with someone who learned to love me
6. You fall into the water your drowninq:a flash of:
the memories of all the qood thinqs i cherish
my betrail to those whoo i qave up to see them suffer.
fantasies of life...
7. Before you know it your lookinq into a glass door.it opens by itself and a black mirrior rises and brakes.water fills the room your in .you see your reflection and your:

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Created on:7/31/2009 1:09:34 PM
Made by:nely07

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