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Drake and josh quiz
Do you no the show

1. Who is drake
A guitar player
a person bad at math
Girl magnet
a lazy man
All of the above
2. Who is josh
A person addicted to video games
a person who has 100099000888 $
Dumb person
a lazy man
All of the above
3. Fill in the blank rooster a doodle doo
Girl says hey
Crowd goes woo
Dogs go woof
Cow says moo
4. Fill in the blank are you callin me a liar
Yeah right
Liar liar plants for hire
I ain`t callin you a truther
5. Megan
Just a lil girl
Oh my
6. Helan`s catchphrase
Oh no you didn`t
Oh my
That is not my job
7. Walter is a
A party bus driver
A hotel owner
A weatherman
8. Game sphere
It`s awesome
It`s spherical spherical
It sucks
Oh my god

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Created on:1/24/2016 7:00:59 PM
Made by:kindlek

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