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Which Drake and Josh character are you  quiz. Drake and Josh is an awesome show  I m having a competition with indigo aura to see who can get more likes so please rate    e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Which Drake and Josh character are you?
Drake and Josh is an awesome show! I'm having a competition with indigo_aura to see who can get more likes so please rate! (e)

1. Okay, to start with are you a boy or a girl?
2. Do/did you care about grades?
Yeah! I get/got straight A`s!
Nah. D`s are okay with me.
Yeah, pretty much. A`s and B`s.
Average grades, a combination of B`s and C`s and A`s. Maybe a D or F.
3. Can you play the guitar? (sort of obvious question, sorry!)
Yeah! Rock on!
Sort of.
No, but I play another instrument.
No, but I think it would be cool to.
4. Would you say you respect authority?
Absolutely. I follow all the rules.
Nah. I don`t really see the need to.
Yeah, pretty much, but I don`t really have a halo over my head.
Yeah, pretty much, but I love to pull pranks!
5. Which of these outfits do you think sounds the best (pretend that it doesn`t matter how hot or cold it is outside)?
Jeans and a short sleeved or long sleeved shirt with sneakers.
Boots and jeans and a long sleeved shirt.
Neither of the above.
6. Do/did you get detention a lot?
Never! I always follow the rules (or I just never get caught!)
Absolutely! All the time!
Maybe every now and then or one time.
7. If you`re a boy, would you call yourself a lady`s-man?
Umm... I`m a girl...
Yeah, I`m totally a lady`s-man! Girls are/were all over me!
Not really. I might get a girl every now and then but I`m not really a lady`s-man.
Not at all!
8. Do you like to pull pranks?
I love to!
It`s pretty fun to, but only if they deserve it!
Nah. It just hurts people.
9. Would you call yourself dorky?
Sort of! But in a good way!
No way! I`m totally cool!
Nah, not really!

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