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What kind of Dragon are you?
My second quiz. Plz comment (e)

1. Where do you prefer to live?
High mountains
Deserted plains
I like to travel
Near forests or rivers
2. Describe the place you live in
The peak of the highest mountain
A cave in the mountain
Deep and long maze underground
A magical citadel, that’s always changing location
A lair in the sand
Just…on the ground
I always find a place to stay in
Somewhere in the deserted caves
Islands, in caves usually
Dark, scary forests, on the trees
3. What do you think about humans?
You can control them very easily, but I don’t want to…
About who?
Nothing. I don’t care about them
Oh, I don’t know…tasty?
They need to be destroyed!!!
They’re not so bad…
Stupid little creatures…
I like them. They’re kind to me
I know them well. They can be useful as a tool
4. What is the most valuable thing for you to protect?
My family…
My knowledge is the most valuable to me!
My vengeance!!!
My soul. It’s the only thing I have left…
Probably my food…
My treasures of course!
Protect? No, I like to destroy!!
My land!
I don’t have anything to protect
Myself obviously
5. You see another dragon on your territory. What do you do?
Ask him to go away, but if he won’t go – fight!
Defeat him and make him my slave!!!
Confront him immediately
Reveal myself and watch him flying away in fear
Rush into battle
Try to convince him not to attack you
Stop him from going any further
Defend myself, as I always do
I don’t have a territory and no one would attack me
Hide myself
6. Pick a color
Dark Blue
Sky Blue
7. You are…
8. Do you like to fight?
Oh yes!!!
Not really
Only to protect myself.
9. What is your favorite time of day?
10. You see a dangerous dragonslayer on your territory. What do you do?
Nothing. Humans are not worthy of me
Battle him
Offer him to be your ally…or make him your ally
Defeat him and make him do your bidding!!!
Uuuumm…eat him?
He’s a worthy opponent…I’ll battle him
Let him test his strength…for the last time…
Ask him what he’s doing here
Nothing, but if he attacks – kill him
11. Would you follow another dragon??
No! He would follow me!!!
Yes, if he’s worthy
If he’s stronger than me, then – yes
No. No way…
No one would want to stick with me
12. Are you calm or hyper?
Calm. Most of the time
I’m hyper
13. What would you do if you’d meet me?
Make me your slave! Ha-ha-ha (I don’t think so)
Ignore me
Greet me
Attack me
14. And last: Would you comment on my quiz? (Won’t change the result)
Of course I will!!!
No, I’m good
It depends

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Created on:1/20/2008 3:48:00 PM
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