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What Type Of Dragon Are You  quiz. Dragons are pretty awesome fantasy creatures  but have you ever wondered if you were a dragon  what type you would be  Take this quiz and find out   These are elemental type dragons Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What Type Of Dragon Are You?
Dragons are pretty awesome fantasy creatures, but have you ever wondered if you were a dragon, what type you would be? Take this quiz and find out! (These are elemental-type dragons)

1. As in most of my quizzes I like putting basic questions first! So first up: What is your favourite colour?
Aqua or turquoise.
Green, brown or hazel.
Yellow or gold.
Orange or red.
Blue or white.
Pink or purple.
2. Favourite animal from the list below?
Bat. Freaky... I love it.
A type of lizard/frog! Their awesome!
Dolphin! So adorable!
A type of bird! They are so cool and free.
Wolf! *Howls*
Shark! *SIngs jaws music*
Electric eel! They`re awesome!
Lion, they are freaking awesome.
3. What are one of your fears?
Blood... *Shudders* Makes me feel ill looking at it...
People... WAHH! Oh that`s just my shadow...
An animal, such as shark/snake/spider, etc.
Water... I can`t swim very well...
Heights! I`d rather keep my two feet on the ground...
Nothing! (Me: Yeah, yeah, whatever)
No telling! It`d be just my luck you hunt me down and make sure you freak me out with it!
4. What is your favourite element?
Air... it seems so calm.
Fire! Its... umm... fiery?
Earth! Steady and strong. (Me: Hehe, you just did some alliteration!)
Water. It is soothing, well that`s how I see it anyway.
I don`t know.
5. What are some of your hobbies/past times?
Hanging with friends/family! :)
Reading, writing, those types of things.
Playing video games, going on computer. The type of thing that`s lets me stay indoors.
Playing sport with my mates!
Doing something creative or arty!
Meditating! *Om* *Om*
6. How many friends would you say you have?
HEAPS!!! More than I can count! I`m like friends with everyone!
I don`t have any... (Me: :( )
Just a very small amount, you know, one or two.
I`m friends with almost everyone, but I have a large group of my real good friends.
A medium sized group of people I suppose.
Just a few people who I`m really close with.
7. What type of music do you listen to?
Pop! :D
Relaxation music... Don`t laugh its good.
Techno/dance! Best party music ever!
Heavy metal...
Hip hop!
8. Time for some role-playing questions! So you are in a park and some girl is being RAPED! What do you do?
Call the police instantly!
Laugh! (Me: :O)
Go straight up to the rapist and start bashing him up!
Quickly try and find someone to help, then if there is no one I would try and pull the rapist off!
Nothing... I`d make things worse...
9. You got an ipod touch for your birthday, but it doesn`t work... what do you do?
Try and fix it myself...
Ask my parents a billion times to get me a new one until they do! :D
Ask my parents politely if I can get it fixed. :)
Make sure it gets fixed or I get a new one that day! I`m not waiting any longer!
10. I forgot to put this question in before, so I`ll put it in now. What`s your favourite food?
Seafood! YUMMY!!
Veggies, nothing beats a good salad! :)
Fruit!!! So sweet and juicy!!!
Lollies! :) Hehe...
Any junk food.
11. There is a letter with your name on it. Inside it says that you will die in one hour... What do you do?
HAH! I`d like to see you try!
Pfft, as if.
I`d call the police, like, straight away!!!
Try and stay calm and tell someone.
Doesn`t matter if they kill me anyway... (Me: YES IT DOES! :O)
12. Your friend was just cheated on by his/her boyfriend/girlfriend. What do you do?
Stand up to the person who dumped him/her and tell them off!
Just keep quiet...
Try and cheer them up by joking around with them! :D
Work on cheering them up and genuinely being there for them. I`d offer them advice too.
Talk it out with them or something.
Tell them to grow up and forget about it!
13. Which word is most appealing to you in meaning?
14. How did you like this quiz?
Wouldn`t you like to know? (Me: Umm... yeah?)
I could do better. (Me: Really?)
It was fantastic. Best quiz in ages. :) (Me: Thank you!)
It was okay.
Hmm, yeah it wasn`t too shabby actually.

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Created on:1/25/2010 3:05:15 AM
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