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Dr Horrible Trivium and Lyrics quiz. This is a mixture of how well you know the storyline and music of the famous Dr  Horrible s Sing Along Blog  Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Dr Horrible Trivium and Lyrics
This is a mixture of how well you know the storyline and music of the famous Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

1. How does the movie begin?
With a letter from Bad Horse.
With a musical number.
With a battle.
With Dr. Horrible evilly laughing.
With a bank robbery.
2. Who ISN`T mentioned in the email sequence?
Johnny Snow
Bad Horse
Captain Hammer
3. Where does Dr. Horrible usually see Penny?
Her house. They knew each other since childhood
The library
The homeless shelter
The pizza place
The laundromat
4. What injury did Captain Hammer give Dr. Horrible in the beginning of the film?
Indian burn
Sprained ankle
Bruise on face
Dislocated shoulder
Broken nose
5. What does Dr. Horrible tell Penny his name is?
The Doctor
Nothing, he never talks to her
6. Finish this quote: Penny: "Wait, what about your clothes?" Dr. Horrible: ______________
I don`t wear clothes.
Forget them.
These aren`t mine.
These aren`t my favorites.
Ah, I don`t love these.
7. Who is the last character to speak a line?
A narrator
Dr. Horrible
Captain Hammer
Bad Horse
8. How many times do the Bad Horse Chorus appear?
9. Why does Dr. Horrible want to rule the world?
To get into the Evil League of Evil
He wanted to make everyone who had hurt him pay.
He grew up poor, and wanted all of the money in the world
The world`s a mess, and he thought he could do it better
As a competition with a rival villain
10. What are Penny`s last words in the film?
I forgive you.
Goodbye, Doctor.
Captain Hammer will save us.
I hate you.
I still like you.
11. The next ten questions are on song lyrics. Freebee on this one: pick 3.
Not this one
Try again
Yes, this one is right
Go back one
Not even close
12. "So They Say" a lot of things, but what DON`T they say?
This is perfect for Penny
There`s no happy ending
Penny works with the homeless, and doesn`t eat meat
It`s the perfect story
Dr. Horrible is the good guy
13. "So your world`s __________?/So you think___________/And ___________?/Well, now your world is mine!"(Everything You Ever)
benign; justice has a voice; we all have a choice
just fine; I`ll just disappear; and you won`t have to fear
unfair; I can choose to care; there is hope somewhere
just fine; you can kill your fears; I`ll just disappear
okay; I`ll just go away; all will turn out fine
14. How does Penny describe herself growing up?
Sad and hopeful
Small and helpless
Free and happy
Lost and lonely
Cold and lonely
15. "Don`t plan the plan/If ____________"(A Man`s Gotta Do)
you can`t handle it
it sheds bad light on you
people will get hurt
you can`t follow through
you don`t know if it`ll work
16. "She may cry/But her tears will dry/When I hand her the keys to___________"(Brand New Day)
a shiny new car
a shiny new Australia
a beautiful new world
a house by the sea
my heart
17. With his "Freeze Ray", what will Dr. Horrible stop?
The world
The van
The pain
Both one and three
None of the above
18. What do the people all have to learn in "Slipping"?
This world is going to burn
Captain Hammer is a tool
To think for themselves
To work for what they earn
To reject false heroes
19. "I cannot believe my eyes!/How_____________/But it`s plain to see/__________/Is on the rise..."
the world`s filled with filth and lies; evil inside of me
the world`s finally growing wise; some kind of harmony
the world`s just one big surprise; my curiosity
the world`s filled with filthy lies; disgust inside of me
Both one and two would be correct
20. "Everyone`s a hero in their own way/_______________"
Everyone can blaze a hero`s trail.
Like you, and you, and mostly me, and you!
Everyone`s got something they can do.
In their own (not that heroic) way
All of the above
21. "Tell you how/How you make/Make me feel/What`s the phrase?" Which phrase was not used to describe how Dr. Horrible feels?
Like a fool
Special needs
Kinda sick
So in love
None, he mentioned all of them.

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