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dose he really love you
For girls

1. has he ever tricked you to get him something
2. has he ever flirted with a girl behind your back and you heard about it from a freind.
3. has he ever took you on a nice date.
4. how do you think he feel when your with him.
he seems sad
he seems mad
hes happy
5. how much do you two agree on
3 out of 4 things
2 out of 4 things
1 out of 4 things
0 out of 4 things
6. please like comment and tell all your freind about this quiz
i will do 3 out of the 3 things
i will do 2 out of 3 things
i will do 1 out of 3 things
i will do 0 out of 3 things

About This Quiz
Times Taken:553
Created on:4/17/2017 2:03:22 PM
Made by:Mark56

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