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Dormorn Tales--Jet
Dormorn tales series

1. This is The Bashing Jet
He looks cool
Ewwwww gross
2. Jet was remembered because he was the only black dog ever in recorded history that had red eyes!
So? He`s still color blind
3. Jet loved exploring he was only fifth black dog four friends so there was a lot to Dormorn unexplored!
dumb dog
4. Jet`s brother was Torando the fenrir who hated leaving the house/castle.
5. Jets best friend was Dusk the werewolf and one day they ran into the forest
so? whats so bad about a forest?
6. In the forest a lone jersey devil was there dripping wet. They ask what was wrong and the jersey devil said he was crused untill he got to see the fur of a true black dog
Who cares about fur?
7. So Jet figured he was this black dog and rose his head and howled. But the jersey devil hadn`t finish what he was going to say and tried to say that the dog would be scared and so called weak and all those who thought they was he would pay in pain
lol that`s funny
8. Dusk tried to tell Jet but Jet howled on that he was the dog the devil spoke of suddenly the groud under Jet fell way under ground....
9. Dusk yelled after his friend and tried to kill the devil for the cruse but the devil could not die and asked to go back to the castle where the devil changed into a wizard and became a white lord...Jet however....
Jet however is a idiot right?
10. His soul is said to have fell in the Tunnel Of Secrets and he still haunts there to this every day trying to cruse that very devil back
lol :)
you suck :(

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