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Dork Diaries personality test
Are you Nikki, Chloe, Zoey, Mackenzie or Jessica?

1. Favorite color
Pink!! Pink!! Pink!!
Purple or gold!
I don`t even care about this question!
Something else
I love all the colors!!!
2. What do you think about Nikki?
She`s pretty cool!
She`s just awesome! I`ll give up anything to be friend with her!!
Omg! She`s so dorky! I hate her!
I don`t really care...
Chloe and Zoey are way more better!
3. What do you think about Mackenzie?
She`s so mean! Ouch!
She`s so annoying!
Why to hate her? I`m her fan!
Wow! Mackenzie is so cool!
4. Your crush just invited your best friend to a date! What would you say to her?
"It`s great news!"
"Noooo!!!!!!! This is not fair! I hate you! I hate you! I hate yooooou!!!
"Congrats! I`m so proud of you!"
"Err.... That`s so.... bad! I mean-good!"
Say nothing and walk away!
5. It`s very exhausting writing this quiz! So choose an emoji ( this will not effect your result!)!
6. I wish that my next birthday`s gift would be...?
100 designer lip gloss!!!!
Brushes, papers and colors, of course!
Whatever it is, I`ll love it!!!
New books! I need to add some new books too my 3789 books collection
Expensive clothes and purses!!
7. Your personality is...?
I`m a little dorky, just like Nikki!
I`m rich, popular and beautiful!
I`m smart and smart and smart and smart!
I`m funny and boy crazy!
I`m very stylish and cool!
8. Pick a song!
Jojo Siwa-Hold The Drama
Maggie Lingeman-Pretty girl
Ariana Grande-Dangerous Woman
Justin Bieber-To You
Little Mix-Power
None of them!
9. You hope that your result will be...( it WILL effect your result!)
10. This is the last question! Rate this personality test, and it WILL effect your result`
1 star
2 stars
3 stars
4 stars
5 stars!!!

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Created on:8/25/2017 9:50:47 AM
Made by:magichumster

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