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Don`t Take This Quiz!!!
Don't take it!

1. I told you not to take this quiz!!!
So? I don`t give a sh*t
You can`t tell me what to do! Bi*ch
I like dolphins!!!
Yea right!
2. I`m warning you, exit NOW!
Okay... NOT!
........Too bad
My dolphin lives in my room
3. You will get goosebumps on your arms!
Dolphins don`t have arms
I ain`t scared
4. There`s a good picture, and a really really bad picture! I bet you`ll get the bad one because the good picture is hard to get!
I`ll get the good one! *HEHE*
There`s no bad picture that can scare me
I think my dolphin will get scared
5. Last question, will you comment or rate? (Be ready for the bad picture!!! after you click See My Results!!!)
F*** NO!
Dolphins can`t comment or rate
Bring on the bad picture!!!!!!!!!!!

About This Quiz
Times Taken:7,119
Created on:12/9/2011 4:03:31 PM
Made by:I_Waz_Here

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