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dont forget my lyrics   quiz. this is a quiz about some of my fav  songs and some that I wrote myself  so have fun and leave A LOT of comments Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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dont forget my lyrics!!
this is a quiz about some of my fav. songs and some that I wrote myself. so have fun and leave A LOT of comments

1. Tripping over your
prada purse
stutering words of anger
words in all it`s wonders.
too long of a coat
2. i`ve been.... (this providence)
sitting here wishing..
jumping from the tops of buildings
wanting to talk for a while
falling to the ground
3. your just a.......... (thrill) my song that i wrote!!
suck up for that thrill
wanna be, use to be..
washed up old pop artist lost in the thrill of the moment
useless guy, in a world that is too hard to compinsate.
4. I watched as you..... (my song that I wrote) yaya me!
were falling down.
came out to me
walked in the hallway, not really can you even imagine?
bought your coffee
5. This has.... (panic!at the disco)
been a messed up after all.
gotta be a dream
la lal alal alalalalal al alakl
been said, so many times that i`m not sure if it matters.

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Created on:6/23/2008 1:02:47 PM
Made by:peaches108

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